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the unfulfilled promise; and the power that Amperin possesses can no longer dispel the desire of other nobles. These nobles who quietly entered the city and visited by night are an obvious signal. They undoubtedly want to see the reactions of the three major families before deciding whether to attach or unite, but absolutely none of these answers will be to maintain the status quo. Hofferd could guess the thoughts in the hearts of those people with his eyes closed. Since he had lost so much in Hermes, he naturally had to find other places to make up. “Father,” Horn was a little anxious seeing him not speaking, “It’s not ten years ago, and Ampere Moya is no longer the Majesty Moya. Look at Lossy’s house! Now Otto. Rosie is still locked in the palace! You are the imperial prime minister, and you have a very high prestige among the people. As long as you stand up and draw on the other two families, those nobles will be headed by you! ” “stand out? “Earl Quinn narrowed his eyes, with a hint of danger in his tone. “Uh” Horn suddenly choked, he lowered his head in fear, and murmured as if to answer and as if he was defending himself, “You In fact, there is no need to stand on the side of His Majesty Ampere, right? Otherwise, why do you call yourself sick and unable to see people. If it is the old king, you will certainly persuade those nobles to put the kingdom’s stability first. “Howard sighed lightly when he heard the words, he was a little too young after all, “Even so, what do you think of Ampere.” Can’t Moya see this? ” “what? Horn was stunned. “I bet that there are several pairs of eyes staring at us right now outside the mansion, including who I have seen and where I have been, and Ampein must know well. “The earl returned to the desk and sat down. “Guess if I met those nobles, what would he do to me?” Don’t forget, even if he loses the entire Knight Order, his control over the capital will not be weakened. From the day Ampein became the throne, he began to replace the guards and castle guards! Blatantly conspi