e basics of the three branches. They are the “extraction” of the 西安夜生活论坛 change school, the “peace” of the forbidden faction, and the “best nature” of the summoning school.

As long as you can master any of them, you can pass the test.

However, Ye Qingxuan did not have the confidence to complete this seemingly simple test within ten days.

Especially, here is Avalon. In order to prevent the sound from causing a large-scale etheric commotion, the entire city is enveloped in the barrier of 西安桑拿网ether suppression from beginning to end.

This enchantment is like a sieve, completely suppressing 99% of the etheric interference caused by noise. Only syllables close to the standard can produce effects.

After all, not many ordinary people dare to be involved with the ether, and people are more afraid of the ether.

Whether it is the notes of the wolf flute or the books of any musician, there will be a line of commandments written by the first pope on their covers.The black commandments are engraved in everyone’s heart. From birth to death, forever Do not forget.

――Fear the ether.

Thanks to the blessing of church history, Ye Qingxuan was able to have a more comprehensive understanding of the current world-after all, for human beings, nine-tenths of the entire world is an unopened dark zone. 西安耍耍网

Researchers all over the world use four colors uniformly when labeling maps.

The most hinterland is white, which means that the ether is sparsely dense and can be inhabited on a large scale by humans. The second is yellow. Some sharp noises may cause accidents. Again, it is red. Loud noises are forbidden here. As for black, then It is a terrible forbidden area outside the border world.

There, it is said that a small cough will bring a terrible chain reaction like an avalanche.

In the border cities of the Red Zone, yelling is not even allowed when talking. People can only whisper and are called the quiet zone. People who have never been to the border or abroad cannot understand the pain and fear.

Although the dark age has only e


owena Smith also mentioned in the letter, After a while,西安耍耍网 Albert will give Albert an unexpected surprise.

For the so-called unexpected surprise, Albert can probably guess what it is: Rowena Smith is preparing to go to Hogwarts as a professor of defense against the dark arts.

Look . After finishing all the letters, Albert put the letters into the box, got up and stretched, drank the cold milk tea, touched Tom who was lying on the cushion by the table, and refocused his attention on the rest. On his summer homework.

This is the remaining homework before Albert went to France on vacation, because he did not have the habit of doing homework while on vacation, so he temporarily put down his summer homework when he

went to France on holiday. Take the books on ancient magic texts that McDoug gave you.

As long as you study these books carefully, your experience 西安桑拿网 of magic text skills will increase at a gratifying rate.

Now, you are closer to level 3 magic texts A big step. It’s

not that Albert doesn’t like to use experience to upgrade directly, but he prefers the feeling of studying magic.

Every time he makes a little breakthrough in the magic text, he will feel a kind of An inexplicable sense of accomplishment, and this kind of accomplishment is what Albert wants.

Suddenly someone knocks on the door of the room, Nya opened the door and poked her head in, and said to Albert who was sitting at the table: I tell you, go to bed early today, and we will go shopping in Diagon Alley tomorrow.”

“Got it.” Albert knows why Nia is so excited because she will also go to Diagon Alley in London with her.

“Tom, should Go to bed!” Niya reached out and picked up Tom who was lying on the soft cushion, and put it on the floor, “Go by yourself, you have become so heavy, I can’t hold you anymore.”

“That’s why I said Tom should Lost weight.” Albert said with a smile, “Go back and rest early.”

“Leave Tom, otherwise tomorrow’s ration will be halved.” Nya’s threat was quite effective. Tom got up obediently, fo


llowed Nya and left.

Albert looked at the closed door and focused his attention. Concentrate on his homework.

These vacation assignments are actually not that difficult, but it takes time to write the answers on the parchment.

He is thinking about whether to stay up late and solve all the vacation assignments at once? Finally, remembering Niya’s attitude towards tomorrow When I went to Diagon Alley for shopping, I gave up. After

half an hour, Albert covered the ink bottle, inserted the quill pen back into the pen holder, got up and lazily covered a yawn. Shera

just came back from searching for food. After Albert told him that he was not allowed 西安夜生活第一论坛网to bring his prey home, he never went home to pick up dead mice.

“Good night!” Albert looked at his owl and looked at the night sky outside the window, covering it. A yawn, lie back on the bed and rest.

Chapter 167 Journey to Diagon Alley

Early in the morning, as soon as the sun rose, Albert had opened his eyes and awoke from his sleep. He turned his head slightly to the door, and the corridor uploaded There was a familiar sound of footsteps. The

next moment, the door of the room was knocked, and Niya’s voice sounded outside the door.

“Get up, Albert, get up quickly!”

Albert got up from the bed and just covered one. Yawning, raised his hand and stretched out, the door of the room was opened. Tom got in through the crack of the door, trot to the chair, and then jumped again, falling on the soft 西安夜网论坛 cushion of the table, lying on his stomach comfortably .

. “It seems, Tom liked the upholstered” Albert Tom’s hand touched his head, smiled and Antonia said:. “you go out first, I change clothes,”

“Come on, Dad said we should Arrived in London before ten o’clock.” Niya greeted Tom to leave, and didn’t forget to take away Tom’s cushion before leaving.

“So early?” Albert was a little surprised. 西安耍耍网

“He said earlier so that we have enough time. Take a stroll around Diagon Alley.” Niya said, leaning against the wall, she obviously agreed wi


see 西安夜网论坛 through Albert’s trick, and the words on the paper seemed to contain his anger, trying to swallow the person outside the diary.

Unfortunately, after separating from Ginny Weasley, Tom The little power drawn from the poor girl gradually disappeared.

[Merry Christmas, Tom!]

Albert replied happily.

He suspected that Tom could not understand the present time, and even shrank back in his diary. There is no concept of time.

[Sure enough,新西安夜网 it’s you!]

Tom Riddle has decided that he must kill Guidro Lockhart if he has a chance.

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t know that the guy in front of him was actually Fake, anger made him ignore a lot of things.

[Don’t be angry, just kidding.]

Albert pondered the possibility of Tom pretending to be angry and deceiving himself, while writing in his diary:

[I think you are sure now It’s boring!]

[What the hell do you want!]

[I’ve said it from the beginning, but I’m just curious about what you are.]

No other words appeared in the diary immediately, and Tom remembered that there seemed to be it before. After a similar conversation, it was not similar, it should be said that it was exactly the same.

Tom had to suppress the anger in his heart, calm himself down, and 西安耍耍网 figure out how to deal with the guy in front of him. The ordinary way may not work. From his identity as a professor of defense against the dark arts From the above, Lockhart is obviously very wary of black magic, and he is very careful when he touches the diary, and he does not even reach out to touch it.

However, Tom has also found Lockhart’s weakness.

Lockhart is indeed very wary, but it is also A arrogant guy, he only admits what he thinks, so no matter 西安夜生活网 what Tom says, he will not believe it, and he will be vigilant, so he must follow his meaning.

Everyone has their weaknesses, as long as you focus on the weaknesses, He will soon be able to control the situation and control this self-righteous guy.

[See you another day, I hope you will tell me when the time comes.]



allowing Quirrell’s life, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 but the price is Quirrell himself

He can’t live for long. He is really dying.

If he can’t get the Philosopher’s Stone in the next time and use the Philosopher’s Stone to continue his life, Quill will really be dead.

Insert one sentence, [\咪\咪\Read\app\\] It’s really good, it’s worth installing, and even Android and iPhone support!

Although the situation is very bad, but Quirrell is not desperate, he has found a way to pass the big dog, no, it should be said that he have found a way how to deal with Hagrid.

this is really thanks to Albert, yesterday when discussing how the shaman separate teams face each other with a dragon, Albert happened to mention Haig has been eager to raise a dragon.

Since Hagrid is eager to raise a dragon, and he can find a way to give Hagrid a dragon egg, and 西安夜生活网 then use some methods to get him drunk, as long as he taps on the side a little, he can definitely find out how to deal with the three-headed dog.

Of course, he needs to be very cautious not to let Hagrid know his identity.

Well, this is easy.

“But, what is this, do you get rewarded by working hard every day to answer that nasty kid’s question?” Quirrell Can’t help but laugh at

himself . He just wrote a letter to a smuggler, ready to spend a lot of money to buy a dragon egg from the other party.

As long as he can get the magic stone, there will be no shortage of Garon at all, and if people die It’s useless to keep Garon, so Quirrell is very generous, and the two sides have reached an agreement.They only need to wait patiently for a while, up to a month, and the smuggler will help him get a dragon 西安耍耍网 egg from abroad.

Chapter 441 Malice is

over! It is

finally over!

Albert finished asking Quirrell’s last question and smiled kindly at the other party. Finally, he didn’t need to worry about all kinds of questions to ask Quirrell.

He was very good. I am glad that I can complete the task of “good student” before Quirrell’s death.

Both parties are free!

It’s really g


u would definitely get the Merlin Medal. But she didn’t believe it!”

Hearing George’s words, everyone’s eyes came together, looking at Ivan, they also wanted to know if this was true.

In the eyes of everyone, Ivan nodded casually and said. “Yes, because of the development of the wolf poison potion, I was nominated for the Merlin Medal, and Professor Dumbledore was willing to be my 西安夜生活网 nominee…”

“That’s great!” George said excitedly. With Dumbledore as the nominee, Ivan is already a sure-fire thing to get the Merlin Medal.

Fred turned his head to look at Mrs. Weasley and spoke.

“Mom, let’s just say that Ivan will definitely do it!”

“I heard…” Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes and said angrily.

She didn’t have any opinion on Ivan, but George and Fred used Ivan’s name to excuse them when they were at home, so as to study their messy jokes and toy goods.

“Merlin Medal, what’s that?” Hermione’s father, Mr. Granger, was confused when he heard him beside him, and he couldn’t help but asked.

“It’s an award in the magic world, the highest honor! Everyone who wins has made an outstanding contribution to the magic world!” Arthur explained, then looked at Ivan with 西安夜生活第一论坛网 admiration, and then said.

“The potion Hals developed solved the werewolf riot problem that plagued the magic world, so it was nominated for the Merlin Medal.”

“Is it the same as our Nobel Prize? That’s amazing!” Mr. Jie was surprised when he saw that Ivan was just as old as his daughter.

“Nobel Prize? What is that?” This time it was the Weasley’s turn to be confused.

I have to say that the generation gap between wizards 西安耍耍网 and Muggles is still very large. Fortunately, there is a middleman, Hermione. After some explanation, everyone quickly understands.

“Hmm.. So, it seems to be the same.” Although Arthur thinks that Muggle awards cannot be compared with wizarding circles, the nature of the two still has some similarities.

“Ivan, I didn’t expect you to do such an important thing in the summer vacation. I misunderstood you before.”


tle dwarfs on the ground couldn’t be wrong, and immediately rushed towards the two in anger. 西安桑拿网

A dozen meters is not too far for the giant monster, just a few seconds can be crossed, it is enough for Ivan! The

twenty-sixth chapter challenge task is completed!

Split !” Ivan’s split spell is accurate At the joints of the arm that hits the giant monster, the giant monster who was waving a stick just feels his arm numb, and the weapon that he is holding is released. With the speed bonus of his own strength, 西安夜生活论坛 it directly rubs Ivan’s. She flew out on her side, and the strong wind pressure made Ivan had to squint her eyes, and Hermione paled with fright and almost screamed.


Under Ivan’s precise calculations, the wooden stick that was released did not cause any harm to the two of them, but it

fell not far behind Ivan, making a huge sound… It’s the slightest retreat, but 西安夜生活网 it’s more fierce. After all, the two little dwarfs in front of him are close at hand, so weak that they can pinch to death with their hands.

Five meters!

The troll approached in front of him, and the bloodthirsty color was faintly revealed on the bean-sized head, Hermione closed her eyes in despair, and Ivan calmly pushed Hermione away and took it out of the wizard robe. A bag was thrown out.

At the same time, a 西安夜生活第一论坛网 beam of pure magic power came first, hitting the bag, and under the light curtain produced by the magic burst, dozens of reduced iron thorns in the bag quickly expanded to the size of the palm of the hand and scattered on the bag. on the floor.

The magic beam is just a little skill that Ivan accidentally learned from the transformation class. Since Ivan’s transformation spell has been raised to a level close to the third level, 西安耍耍网 only the low-level shrinking spell is lifted.

This was originally a means of escape reserved by Ivan, and its function was only to restrict the actions of the trolls, but now it has become a weapon of active attack.

Under the precise landing point calculated by Ivan’s full power


y dissipated in the wind.

“Professor, where’s Quirrell?” Ron looked around and didn’t see the enemy in this room, so he asked immediately.

“Didn’t you just see it?” Dumbledore squinted at Ron.

Ron shuddered when thinking of the ashes. 新西安夜网He couldn’t think of what kind of magic would cause such terrifying consequences.

Dumbledore knew that this was the effect of the guardian spell in Harry. It was the same as his original expectation, except…

Dumbledore glanced around at the completely destroyed scene, and the midway battle process might be unexpected. His expectations.


When Dumbledore was about to put down the wizard’s robe, he faintly smelled something. He approached his nose and smelled it on the wizard’s robe, and Bubo Furui’s face suddenly became very exciting.

Where did Voldemort hide during his disappearance?

Why is there a smell of feces on the clothes?

Dumbledore was thoughtful, no wonder he couldn’t find him…

Hermione would have already ran to Ivan’s, although Dumbledore had said that Ivan and Harry were not dangerous, but He Min still couldn’t help being a little worried.

Noting Ivan’s pale face and the scars on her body from the gravel, Hermione was very upset, if only she could move faster.

In fact, Hermione didn’t know that if she hadn’t been forcibly dragging her sleeves all the way, Dumbledore could have run faster…

“Okay, let’s go back now, we’d better send them 西安耍耍网 to Pomfrey quickly Go there, Madam.” Dumbledore waved his wand and lifted the bodies of Ivan and Harry with a floating charm.

Hogwarts, on the hospital bed of the school hospital,

Ivan opened his eyes tiredly. There was a white ceiling in front of him. The white sheets on his body seemed familiar, almost making him think he had crossed back.

Fortunately, the ancient decoration style around and the smell of all kinds of weird potions remind him that this is in the school hospital in Hogwarts.

He sat up with his groggy head, as if it was the feeling of waking up the next day after a hangove


e team in the future, it is quite meaningful.

If it is not because there are lessons in the body Perhaps the four deans will come to the Quidditch Stadium 西安夜生活第一论坛网 by appointment.

The Quidditch Stadium in the afternoon sun looks like a different scene. Hundreds of chairs are arranged high on the surrounding huge circular stands, ensuring that every A spectator can see the situation on the

court . There are three golden pillars on each end of the court, and each pillar is fifty feet high with a ring on the top.

This is the main reason for the two sides in the Quidditch 新西安夜网 game today . The goal post where the fight occurred. Although the victory or defeat is not entirely determined by the scoring gap, the excitement of the game is mainly derived from the game of offense and defense between the two sides.

At a point below the goal post, you want to register to add “Hogg The little wizards of the Watts first-year Quidditch team are in accordance with the requirements 西安桑拿网 of Mrs. Hooch, manipulating the broomsticks to make a series of prescribed actions. The

reason why Hogwarts does not allow first-year students to have flying broomsticks is not It is unreasonable. Even in the current era when Quidditch is extremely popular, there are still a small number of wizard families that can truly allow children to have flying experience before entering school.

Among these few people, 西安耍耍网 at least half of them must be eliminated. a little less stick boy wizard.

Madam Hooch does not have any meaning you want to turn on the water, even if only a nascent sense to try more Quidditch team, she still maintained a very stringent requirements of the standard.

for those who just The first-year freshmen who learned how to prevent themselves from falling off their broomsticks, without 西安夜网论坛 exception, were directly removed from the list by Mrs. Hooch.

In fact, in the magic world, flying is recognized as only slightly more friendly than divination. Little ability.

Perhaps after a school year of flying lessons, most of the little w


n unknown shadow

on Dumbledore’s heart. What’s the matter?!

He just left Hogwar In less than half a day, why did something big happen again? That dear Elena?? Miss Kaslana, can’t it stop for a while? And this time it involves four colleges 西安夜生活第一论坛网at the same time, in any case Maybe I just let it go like before, maybe I need to consider expulsion or suspension warning?

Dumbledore walked down the stairs and looked at the four deans of the college with extremely ugly expressions in the office below, countless thoughts flashed in his mind for a moment. , Her face gradually became serious and serious. Regardless of Elena’s talent, if she did not have 西安夜生活论坛 the awareness of awe and abiding by the rules, then the future influence on the magical world would only be negative rather than positive.

Although no one has the guts to question Ano Thinking of Dumbledore, but there is no doubt that in the history of modern European magic, the appearance of the two Dark Lords has a direct or indirect relationship with Dumbledore.

Therefore, for Dumbledore, he would rather not 新西安夜网 train the next patron saint of the wizarding world, absolutely I do not want to because of their own reasons, to create the future wizards out of a horrible third generation of the dark Lord.

“these issues we deal with a little bit later, the first”

Mindful Here, Dumbledore’s azure blue eyes flashed with determination, and he said in a deep voice.

“Stir up these things ?? Elena Castro Lanna, where is she now?!西安耍耍网 ”


The professors looked at each other, eyes emerge out of touch of confusion, one after another shook his head.

Face Albus Dumbledore ?? problems, most of the deans were forced to temporarily burst into a senseless state, have been a mess like this, who would take care of a first-year student this afternoon where.

” If it’s not surprising, it should be on Hagrid’s 西安桑拿网 side.”

Snape thought for a while, glanced at the serious Hogwarts Headmaster, and said softly.

“Anyway, she won’t use it in the potions classroom to report t