e basics of the three branches. They are the “extraction” of the 西安夜生活论坛 change school, the “peace” of the forbidden faction, and the “best nature” of the summoning school.

As long as you can master any of them, you can pass the test.

However, Ye Qingxuan did not have the confidence to complete this seemingly simple test within ten days.

Especially, here is Avalon. In order to prevent the sound from causing a large-scale etheric commotion, the entire city is enveloped in the barrier of 西安桑拿网ether suppression from beginning to end.

This enchantment is like a sieve, completely suppressing 99% of the etheric interference caused by noise. Only syllables close to the standard can produce effects.

After all, not many ordinary people dare to be involved with the ether, and people are more afraid of the ether.

Whether it is the notes of the wolf flute or the books of any musician, there will be a line of commandments written by the first pope on their covers.The black commandments are engraved in everyone’s heart. From birth to death, forever Do not forget.

――Fear the ether.

Thanks to the blessing of church history, Ye Qingxuan was able to have a more comprehensive understanding of the current world-after all, for human beings, nine-tenths of the entire world is an unopened dark zone. 西安耍耍网

Researchers all over the world use four colors uniformly when labeling maps.

The most hinterland is white, which means that the ether is sparsely dense and can be inhabited on a large scale by humans. The second is yellow. Some sharp noises may cause accidents. Again, it is red. Loud noises are forbidden here. As for black, then It is a terrible forbidden area outside the border world.

There, it is said that a small cough will bring a terrible chain reaction like an avalanche.

In the border cities of the Red Zone, yelling is not even allowed when talking. People can only whisper and are called the quiet zone. People who have never been to the border or abroad cannot understand the pain and fear.

Although the dark age has only e


rk magic in

the letter. He usually handles items sent by strangers in this way.

Of course, before opening the envelope, he will remember to put on 新西安夜网 dragon leather gloves, God knows There will be something in it.

This is a letter from the United States. The sender is a wizard named Nicholas. Albert must not know him. This person should still be an alchemist, because he mentioned Sierra Harry in the letter. Heath.

The other party directly invited him to the U.S., but did not elaborate on the reason, and when Albert read the letter, he was a little

confused . Not only that, the sender reminded 西安夜网论坛 Albert at the end of the letter not to use an owl to send the letter back, because American wizarding world ban on the use owls send a letter, as it is likely to cause the chicken’s attention.

American owl unemployed?

are you kidding me?

that is how the letter sent here comes

Albert represents a bit ignorant force.

closure In the letter, in addition to the invitation letter, there are two tickets.

Yes, the ticket.

King’s 西安夜生活论坛 Cross station, the ticket for platform seven and one half.

As far as Albert knows, platform seven and one half is located at 7. Between platform and platform 8, from here you can take a long-distance train to the wizarding village of continental Europe.

Yes, go to Europe, not to the United States.

Didn’t that guy invite me to the United States? 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Why is there such a ticket?

More What puzzles Albert is that in addition, there is another Floo ticket, a Floo ticket to the United States. The

specific time is at 11:40 on July 18th, on the 17th. Fireplace.

Also, that ticket didn’t mention the specific location, let alone tell Albert where to get off the bus, and use the International Floo network there. It didn’t mention

it at

all. It was suffocating. Okay! This is for 西安夜生活网 Serra Do you mean to take him?

Albert opened the letter Serra sent to him, and it said nothing on it, except that he was going to visit his friend Nicholas in the United States and invited Albert to


‘t even know what it was.

Albert had seen ancient Egypt in the library The famous “Cui Yulu”, I didn’t understand the meaning of the above. The first sentence of the book was translated:

as it is above, as it is below; according to this, it completes the miracle of the One. The

second sentence 西安夜生活网 is: everything is originally Taiyi, created from Taiyi by differentiation…After

reading it forcibly and remembering it, Albert put the “Cuiyulu” together and tucked it back on the shelf. Old books are usually full of complex and profound concepts. 西安夜生活论坛 It’s hard to understand.

Albert’s only understanding after reading the two sentences of “Jade Jade Record” is, is he talking about the universe or something? He is really not thinking about the meaning of the book, maybe, which Heaven, he learned alchemy, maybe he suddenly realized it?

Anyway, early alchemy involves multiple fields.

What 新西安夜网 to explore the mystery of magic, the form of matter, and early cosmology, anyway, a bunch of things are integrated into alchemy theory .

later, alchemy and indulge in metal refining, metal craftsmen that is why some reason later branded a certain Alchemist, though they may prefer to call themselves metal craftsman.

after centuries of development, alchemy After the research of Albert, Thomas von Aquinas, Roger Bacon, Arnold von Willannova, and other great alchemists, the concept of material transformation was 西安桑拿网 established.

Raymond Slüller even proposed the hypothesis of the sage’s stone, that is, the philosopher’s stone, based on the theory of “understanding, decomposition, and reconstruction”.

This hypothesis was completed by Nicommeler

through the philosopher’s stone, which is The Philosopher’s 西安夜生活论坛 Stone realizes the early concept of completing transformation by adding “seeds” to “Transformation”, successfully creating the elixir of life, and it can also turn any metal into pure gold.

Nico who made the Philosopher’s Stone Mailer, therefore, is regarded as the ancestor of European alchemy, standing on the


ast time. Said it again.

“So, do you think Snape inquired about the way through the magical machinery from Professor Quirrell?” Albert asked after listening, “Then you are looking for me to… expose Snape Isn’t it?”

Snape was in the wrong again, which was really 西安夜生活论坛 pleasant.

“Yes, we have no good idea.” Harry said reluctantly.

“Go to Dumbledore, you should have done this long ago. Albert gave his own proposal.

“Quirot is terribly scared and will definitely not come out to testify for us.” Harry shook his head.

“Is the evidence important?” Albert asked rhetorically, “Dumbledore. He has always been a very enlightened principal, and sometimes he doesn’t need to be justified. At least, if you go to the principal, it will definitely make him more vigilant. I mentioned it to you a long time ago. Obviously you have never done this. ”

Harry opened his mouth, do not know what to say.

” Do not hesitate, since you think Snape want to steal the Philosopher’s stone, you should go to Dumbledore. “Albert patted Ha Li said on the shoulder: “Otherwise, it’新西安夜网s useless if you think about it here.”

In fact, Albert also wanted to know, if the famous Harry Potter went to Dumbledore to file a complaint, saying that Snape was the culprit in stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone, what interesting things would happen?

“If nothing happens , I’ll go first.” When Albert turned to leave, he was stopped by Harry.


Harry seemed to be hesitant.

“What else?” Albert asked back. Dao.

Harry bit his lip and told Albert about the last time he went into the Forbidden Forest to look for unicorns. He also told Albert that Snape was stealing the Philosopher’s Stone for Voldemort.

“So, sure enough . Has a unicorn been killed?” Albert sighed slightly.

Harry remembered what Hagrid had said to them. Albert was also an insider, and the unicorn attack 西安夜网论坛 was killed very early. He predicted it.

When discussing this with Ron and Hermione, he even thought that Albert knew the “truth” no less than them.

“Firenze told


job, and she would have enough Zhuo Guo to support her dreams, to use her talents, instead of doing nothing at the desk.

His father and even his family could not get it. This honor is not only because they have no talent, but also because they are unwilling to work hard on it.

As the spokesperson of Floo fans in the Americas, it needs to be absolutely confidential, except for heirs or assistants, no one else knows about it.

Catherine still remembers that when she was very young, a major event happened in the magical world. The

U.S. Ministry of Magic once wanted to figure out who was selling Floo fans, and even 西安桑拿网 snatched a house elf from Floobang Company. , Trying to knock something out of its mouth.

As a result, the house elf died.

The wizard

who killed the house elf also disappeared shortly afterwards. Everyone thinks it was a person from the Floating company who killed it. Famous wizards, but they don’t have any evidence, or even can’t find evidence.

Because no one knows who is making and providing Floo fans, and the loyal house elves can’t pry out anything.

By the New York Ghost When the wizards who reported the misleading rushed into the Floo Pang company, they found that there was no one there.

Yes, the Floo Pang company on Wizard Street in New York closed its doors.

At the same time, they stopped providing Floo fans to the United States.

After the Floo fans were out 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of stock, there were no more Floo fans on the market, and the wizards were immediately dumbfounded.

This was a big deal. The

US Ministry of Magic had to import Floo fans from abroad, but the high price made a lot of Wizards can’t bear it.

The good things that the U.S. Ministry of Magic did were scrutinized, and everyone naturally understood what was going on. It turned out that you wanted to spy on others’ wealth.

So everyone was scolding the 西安夜生活论坛 Ministry.

In the end, the U.S. Ministry of Magic bowed its head.

However, it was useless to apologize. The

Floobang company disappeared out of thin air,


s so hateful bastard actually blew up his Zhaizi!

He waved his wand struggling to repair curse 西安桑拿网 release, under the influence of magic, as if the clock back General , The stone bricks and wood blocks on the ground quickly returned to their original positions, and the outline of the mansion was clearly visible in a short while.

But the next second, and fixes a number of houses came crashing down!

Road Gert tired straight deep breaths, and this building is destroyed Zhaizi too thorough, and he was a man of magic alone simply can not fix!

Road Gert simply I gave up the idea of ??repairing the mansion, thinking about the bastard who might do this kind of thing in my mind.

Soon, Doug had a clue, gritted his teeth and roared.


That old bastard must have found someone to do it!

Dougt automatically made up for the cause and effect.

No one in Knockoff Alley knew that he 西安夜生活论坛 and Aysia had a very good relationship. If you want to deal with Aysia, you must even deal with him.

So Bok must have dispatched people to attack the magic shop, and most of them specially sent someone to deal with him!

Thinking of this, Dougt was a little scared.

He was so drunk that he didn’t have the ability to withstand the attack at all. If Ivan hadn’t taken him away from the mansion, he might have died in a coma!

“No wonder…I will appear after I wake up. There!” Doug had already wanted to understand everything, and was very grateful to Ivan at the moment.

He felt that after Ivan killed all the invaders in the magic shop, he realized this for the first time and worried about his safety, so he rushed to his mansion as soon as possible and transferred him to Somewhere else.

Then those bloggers couldn’t find where the others were, so they simply used his house to vent their anger!

Well… it must be like that!

“Damn it! It was a drinking mistake!” Dougt couldn’t help but regret, and secretly reminded himself that he should drink less in the future! What

makes Dougt feel relieved that it seems that I


tle dwarfs on the ground couldn’t be wrong, and immediately rushed towards the two in anger. 西安桑拿网

A dozen meters is not too far for the giant monster, just a few seconds can be crossed, it is enough for Ivan! The

twenty-sixth chapter challenge task is completed!

Split !” Ivan’s split spell is accurate At the joints of the arm that hits the giant monster, the giant monster who was waving a stick just feels his arm numb, and the weapon that he is holding is released. With the speed bonus of his own strength, 西安夜生活论坛 it directly rubs Ivan’s. She flew out on her side, and the strong wind pressure made Ivan had to squint her eyes, and Hermione paled with fright and almost screamed.


Under Ivan’s precise calculations, the wooden stick that was released did not cause any harm to the two of them, but it

fell not far behind Ivan, making a huge sound… It’s the slightest retreat, but 西安夜生活网 it’s more fierce. After all, the two little dwarfs in front of him are close at hand, so weak that they can pinch to death with their hands.

Five meters!

The troll approached in front of him, and the bloodthirsty color was faintly revealed on the bean-sized head, Hermione closed her eyes in despair, and Ivan calmly pushed Hermione away and took it out of the wizard robe. A bag was thrown out.

At the same time, a 西安夜生活第一论坛网 beam of pure magic power came first, hitting the bag, and under the light curtain produced by the magic burst, dozens of reduced iron thorns in the bag quickly expanded to the size of the palm of the hand and scattered on the bag. on the floor.

The magic beam is just a little skill that Ivan accidentally learned from the transformation class. Since Ivan’s transformation spell has been raised to a level close to the third level, 西安耍耍网 only the low-level shrinking spell is lifted.

This was originally a means of escape reserved by Ivan, and its function was only to restrict the actions of the trolls, but now it has become a weapon of active attack.

Under the precise landing point calculated by Ivan’s full power


tion in the magical world. After all, the last person who did this is still imprisoned on the tower of Newmontgard.

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The fairy tale of chapter 43 restarting

“I think you might 西安夜生活论坛 need a little help? Classmate Elena.”

Just when the silver-haired little Lori tried again to no avail and was about to seek help from the conductor, A boy’s voice came from her side.

Elena turned her head and saw a tall boy with fire-red hair and glasses who appeared next to her for some unknown time. The boy was also pushing a wheelbarrow similar to her. .

“are you?”

the girl frowned slightly, she does not remember before there even knew such a boy.

“Do not be afraid, my name is Percy, Percy Weasley, Gryffindor prefect mother specifically asked Let’s come, let us find you first, and help you arrange your luggage and seat.”

Percy smiled kindly, and pointed to the silver letter P pinned on her chest.

He put his hand on the girl’s big black suitcase and tried it. Percy frowned 西安夜生活网 slightly, beckoned behind him and shouted.

“Hey, Fred, George, I found the girl, come here. Help!”

Wait, if the boy in front of her is the Percy Weasley, then George and Fred in his mouth

heard Percy’s words, and Elena suddenly turned around and looked at that one. To the twin brothers who ran from a distance pushing the trolley, in the history of Hogwarts, the only two genius prank brothers who can make Pippi salute? For no

reason, the girl suddenly remembered that in her previous life, she was in a movie called Hogwarts. In the fan fiction of “The Resurrection of Watts”, which tells the story of Harry Potter’s victory over Voldemort twenty years later, Chapter 11 (Upstream Falls) has a plot

that touches her particularly. In that world, George I can no longer use the patron saint because I want to summon my patron saint and I need to recall my happiest memory. And the happiest memory in George’s life is related to his Fred. Fred’s death came to George S


n unknown shadow

on Dumbledore’s heart. What’s the matter?!

He just left Hogwar In less than half a day, why did something big happen again? That dear Elena?? Miss Kaslana, can’t it stop for a while? And this time it involves four colleges 西安夜生活第一论坛网at the same time, in any case Maybe I just let it go like before, maybe I need to consider expulsion or suspension warning?

Dumbledore walked down the stairs and looked at the four deans of the college with extremely ugly expressions in the office below, countless thoughts flashed in his mind for a moment. , Her face gradually became serious and serious. Regardless of Elena’s talent, if she did not have 西安夜生活论坛 the awareness of awe and abiding by the rules, then the future influence on the magical world would only be negative rather than positive.

Although no one has the guts to question Ano Thinking of Dumbledore, but there is no doubt that in the history of modern European magic, the appearance of the two Dark Lords has a direct or indirect relationship with Dumbledore.

Therefore, for Dumbledore, he would rather not 新西安夜网 train the next patron saint of the wizarding world, absolutely I do not want to because of their own reasons, to create the future wizards out of a horrible third generation of the dark Lord.

“these issues we deal with a little bit later, the first”

Mindful Here, Dumbledore’s azure blue eyes flashed with determination, and he said in a deep voice.

“Stir up these things ?? Elena Castro Lanna, where is she now?!西安耍耍网 ”


The professors looked at each other, eyes emerge out of touch of confusion, one after another shook his head.

Face Albus Dumbledore ?? problems, most of the deans were forced to temporarily burst into a senseless state, have been a mess like this, who would take care of a first-year student this afternoon where.

” If it’s not surprising, it should be on Hagrid’s 西安桑拿网 side.”

Snape thought for a while, glanced at the serious Hogwarts Headmaster, and said softly.

“Anyway, she won’t use it in the potions classroom to report t


very meaningful time here.”

Just behind Elena In the picture frame on the wall, a middle-aged man dressed as a medieval nobleman puts down the monocular on his right hand and nods his head kindly. This is the third time he has said 西安夜网论坛 it. In comparison, what the other person was just roaring the soldiers will not be pretty portrait, it has been considered a very politely.

“Thank you, but I was now lost, if you can tell me how the staircase leading to the sixth floor to go, I would be very grateful.”

silver-haired little Lori turned around, sighed helplessly, her eyes moved back and forth in the corridor. If one day she can become the principal of Hogwarts, the first thing is to introduce an “elevator” similar to the Ministry of Magic into the school. . Then on each floor of the building, stickers showing the way at intervals.

“Stairs? Oh, yes, the moving stairs in Hogwarts is a very interesting thing.” The aristocratic man raised his eyebrows, smiled gently, and said softly in a tone similar to reading a story.

“You know, in fact, in this era, many buildings have already appeared in 西安夜生活网 many buildings that move by themselves. According to They are divided into elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Which one do you think Hogwarts is more suitable for?”

There is no answer to the question from the characters in the portrait. Irina distinguished the front, back, left, and right, and determined that the direction she was about to advance was not where she was when she came up, and continued to ask absently.

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you are talking about. “The

medieval nobleman frowned, his face was a little confused, and there was still no impropriety in his behavior.

“Then another question,” Elena tilted her head and suddenly said something that was not related to the previous topic. “Cat Sitting on the blanket, because it is warm, what is warm?”

“I think, of course because the blanket is warm.” The noble man in the painting 西安夜生活论坛 replied in a bowler hat.

“Congratulations, you passed pa