still want to judge us? “Tie Ax

ng to the law. “Yes, we are not his vassals, we are just under his control.” “At this time, Kashin also came back to his senses, “Secondly, no matter what the verdict is, it is up to His Majesty to decide. Is it possible that you still want to judge us? “Tie Axe quickly understood the reason why these nobles were clearly defeated, but they were still putting on airs-when they discovered Roland. Wimbledon didn’t lead the army, and he lost interest in conversation. Obviously, according to common sense, how to deal with the defeated will not be known until the king has seen them. The next step is not so much a trial, but an exchange of interests. Those who can’t pay are eliminated, and those who can reach an agreement can continue to keep their place, generally speaking. It should not be the first time that they have faced such a defeat, and they believe that they can come up with the conditions to impress the king. It is a pity that the king he is loyal to is not a nobleman in the ordinary sense. Tie Axe shrugged, “I really don’t have this right, but in the same way, you are still rebels before your majesty draws a conclusion, so I can only put you in the dungeon first, and wait until your majesty is willing to see you.” How long will it take?” Count Jianwan said dissatisfied, “And as I said before, according to the laws of the kingdom, we can’t be counted as treason, unless you can find conclusive evidence!” “At the speed of the messenger, at most one month. “Tie Axe smiled rarely, and directly ignored the latter part of the other party’s sentence, “Don’t worry, I will provide your food and clothing according to the standards of the nobles.” Two days later in the middle of the night, Bear’s paw rushed in panic. Entered the camp of Iron Axe. “Oh, my lord! The castle dungeon is on fire!” Chapter 874 The guilty man, although there were wells and water intake facilities around the castle, the fire broke out very fiercely. Thick smoke gushed up the corridor, and rescuers could hardly get close to the first floor of the