e moment. Tifeko’s men rushed to the clear water port, which is now an empty city.” “Marguerite stated, “Because there are many rats in the people he brought, this matter is not a secret in the black street. No matter what, you are the only thorn in his eye right now, and the invasion of the West may become more frequent in the future. “If you want to leave Greycastle too, Crescent Bay welcomes you anytime,” Marlan said. “Yes,” Gamer patted his chest. “The island there is enough to hold ten border towns. We are willing to provide it to you and your people free of charge. “But you have to hand over the steam engine and paddle steamer technology, right? Roland rolled his eyes in his heart. Even if Graycastle can’t stay any longer, Tilly should be the first person to choose to defect. Wimbledon is right. But on the surface he just smiled, “Is that right, if there is such a day, I will consider it.” “Yes,” then he looked at Marguerite, “The investigation balloon you ordered last time, I have successfully made it. Two came out.” “So fast?” The latter asked in surprise, “Can you take me to see it?” “Of course, come with me.” Roland stood up and said. In the backyard of the castle’s extension, a fully inflated hydrogen balloon is placed. Its airbag is in the shape of a drop, wide on top and narrow on the bottom, with a top diameter of five meters. It is made exactly the size of the test product and can carry an adult man into the air. The airbags and ropes are painted with sky camouflage, with the observer’s camouflage clothing, which can minimize the degree of recognition. “It doesn’t seem to be the same as the balloon we rode last time?” Margaret looked at the new product carefully. “Because it can be used without a witch,” Roland cleared his throat, and began to introduce to everyone how to use the reconnaissance balloon. “The air bag has a movable valve at the end, which can inflate and release gas because of this alchemical gas filling it. Only to make it fly. The method of inflating is very simple, just connect th