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. With the help of the witch, he does not have to build a barrel boring machine first, and then process a circular cylinder like the traditional production process. The same is true for other large parts, which can be made into small pieces and then spliced ??together. In this way, even a small workshop such as a smithy can work together to produce all the parts needed for a steam engine. In fact, before welding was invented, people could only connect small parts by bolts or riveting, and the inside of the cylinder must be smooth, which is obviously not possible with conventional connections. The only trouble is Gas pipe. There is nothing special about its production method. Burn a piece of long teppanyaki to red hot, then put it into a grooved mold, and hit it with a hammer to form it. This is also the method of making the barrel of the front-mounted flintlock gun. . It’s just that the barrel needs to be straightened afterwards, drilled and rifled, etc., which is more complicated. The trouble is that it is impossible for Roland to call the blacksmith to his back garden. The witch cannot be exposed for the time being, and ironing is really not his strong point. In desperation, he had no choice but to let the chief knight do it for him and command himself. After three days of tossing in this way, Roland finally assembled the first steam engine in the backyard. “Is this your powerful thing?” Carter frowned and looked at this strange machine. First of all, he was sure that this thing had nothing to do with cult rituals. He installed every iron bump on it himself, and it looked like a sealed stove. It would be too unreasonable if the devil can be attracted by it. But how do you move a bunch of iron bumps? It looks awkward and has no feet. Could it be possible to fly? But in Roland’s eyes, this seemingly crude machine exudes the beauty of industry. Standing on the shoulders of giants, he naturally did not take the route of the Newcomen steam engine-Watt steam engine-improved steam engine. His first prototype was alrea