me. Since coming here, he He has always been playing the role of a prince, and at this moment, he feels that he has gone back to the past, as if lying in a hotel full of classical style, interacting with the girl he liked, and his nervous mood gradually relaxed. Maybe it’s time for the next step? Roland turned his head slightly, but found that Anna had closed her eyes, her chest was slightly up and down next to her, and she fell asleep like a cat. He was taken aback for a moment, then couldn’t help but chuckle. So she was tired too. Think about it, in order to hide their whereabouts, the night before yesterday, the witches looked for places in the mountains to hide, and they had to beware of beasts and demons at all times. They slept almost all night, and they continued to rise to the frontier just after dawn. Town rush. After returning to the castle, Anna spent another night in her bedroom. For two days and two nights, she didn’t have a moment to rest. It’s easy to let all the depressive exhaustion explode when she was tight and loose. . Probably the other party’s decision was also made while waiting anxiously. Although it was a pity, Roland didn’t care about this time, and the days to come will be very long. He leaned forward, kissed Anna’s long eyelashes, and whispered softly, “Good night.” ******************* When the morning light enters the room through the gaps in the curtains Sylvie got up from the big bed and couldn’t help but yawn a few times. The experience these days was as incredible as dreaming, from discovering the devil to fighting in the air, and finally escaping back to Border Town. She felt that even if she was chased by the church trial army, she would not be so nervous and exhausted. “Good morning,” Wendy had already changed her clothes and was carrying a basin of water to wash. “Good morning,” she nodded, “you got up so early.” “I’m getting older,” Wendy smiled, “the time to sleep is getting less and less.” “Ah, is it dawn?” Nightingale rubbed. Rubbing her eyes, “It seems that we have to m