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alid, and even the material on this side cannot remain stable after crossing the border. You I have seen it too, that cut of the iron rod is proof.” “What does this have to do with the demon fallen?” someone asked. “Of course, the power they gain comes from another membrane. This is why the Demon Fallen is not afraid of mortal martial arts. The overlapping membranes make the two worlds temporarily connected. I don’t know how this will affect the world over there. What kind of impact, but For us, the rules still work: energy spreads from high to low and creates a series of incredible phenomena. “Lan raised the volume,” To be precise, not only the demon feller, any awakened person is related to this energy. ” “what did you say? “My power belongs only to me, it has nothing to do with any shit film!” “Does the Martial Arts Association think that there is no difference between us and the demon-fallen?” The hall suddenly exploded. Lan didn’t say anything to stop this time, until everyone felt quiet, she continued, “Of course there is a difference. We can control it, but the Demon Fallen can’t. But we have to admit that in a sense, we are very similar to the Demon Fallen, especially in terms of resisting Fanwu. I don’t know if you have ever considered a question. Since the power of nature is trained to be able to send and receive freely, it will be immune to any harm. Why doesn’t the martial artist dominate the whole world? “This” whispered at the scene. “Because erosion will not always exist,” Lan said straightforwardly. “As the curvature changes, the overlapping membranes will gradually separate until the next reunion. The cycle can be long or short, short. The long one can be counted in hundreds of millions of years. The erosion we encountered was about two thousand years, and the overlap time was less than a hundred years. Once broken, the power of nature will disappear without a trace, so although the awakened person has become the master of the world, the gap of more than two thousand years is enough to make the