ned to send two aerial bombs to Tiffico. The so-called raid was just a strike from the sky, directly killing the new king. Minimal, but as long as it can act as a deterrent, it is considered a successful action. In this way, it is difficult to determine whether the opponent will insist on launching a large-scale offensive. Roland clearly realizes that the battle for kings The mode of warfare has changed. He is no longer as weak as he was when he first arrived, and he needs to hide himself in disguise. Now is the time to reveal his hand, step by step on the political stage of Graycastle, and let the people of the kingdom notice his existence. It has nothing to do with the desire to express, but a kind of propaganda to his own territory and power. It is useless to get a kingdom full of corpses and ruins. He hopes that through this declaration, more people can go. To the west, stand beside him. When the sun fell into the mountains, Roland opened the window of his office. The evening breeze on his face was no longer hot, but brought a hint of coolness. Autumn is here. (To be continued. .) Text Chapter 283 On the third day after the delivery of the hydrogen balloon into the fall, the Margaret Chamber of Commerce arrived at the pier in Border Town as scheduled. This time, the caravan returned to its former size, with ten sailing boats lined up and docked firmly by the trestle bridge. “His Royal Highness, we have met again,” Crescent Bay merchant Gamore bowed and saluted. “I heard Ms. Margaret say that the first steamship has been transformed?” “It is true,” Roland laughed. “However, in order to ensure the quality of the goods, it still needs three or four days of trial voyages to verify the reliability of the power system.” “It’s really exciting,” Marlan clapped his hands. “The fleet unloading almost needs the same. For many days, we can wait here. Your Majesty, can I board the steamboat to visit during the trial sailing?” “Of course, it is a brand-new ship after all. It is completely different from the previous sailin