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ted for a moment, “Are you really sure you want to go?” “I think this may be an opportunity to solve the mystery,” Tilly said frankly, “This year’s evil moon is ahead of schedule, and evil beasts appear in the South China Sea, which always gives me a kind of seed. Bad premonition.” Roland felt a little bitter in his heart. This feeling also exists in him. Xie Yue is unlikely to be an abnormal celestial phenomenon caused by climate change. He faintly felt that these were inseparable from the devil and the church. “What about the team?” “I don’t know the witch in Border Town, but I will go there myself,” Tilly said without hesitation. Snow fluttering in the gray sky, Mayne and Tefren slowly climbed the walls of Hermes, which had just experienced a great battle. There was black and warm blood flowing under the feet, melting the white snow into sticky blood. Fortunately, these were all flowing from the enemy. Hundreds of God’s Punishment Army were standing upright at the top of the city, waiting The next wave of attacks launched by the evil beast. “Master Bishop!” The warriors of the Judgment Army who assisted the Divine Punishment Army fisted and saluted. The faces of most people looked a little immature, and their eyes were mixed with fear and excitement. “They are still children,” when he walked to a clearing, Tefren looked towards the wasteland and sighed, “When I was this old, I was still grinding flour for the nobles in the mill.” “The God’s Punishment Army must first defend. In the new holy city, I can only hand over the remnants of Wolfheart City’s stubborn resistance to the experienced Judgment Army. These people are believers who have just been promoted. Before that, I had not really been on the battlefield.” Grace said helplessly, “This snow came too early.” Tefren hesitated, “There is no record of such a situation in the holy book.” “The holy book was also written by the pope, and omissions are inevitable,” The bishop is propped on the cold wall, overlooking the cliff full of corpses below. Ordinary evil