Did you see the small hole on it? Air ente

welded together. Roland checked the lower joint carefully and found that the effect was just as he imagined-a perfect weld without any flaws. If you polish it a little to remove the traces of fluid when melting the iron, the two iron plates are almost the same as the forged body formed at one time. “Very well, Miss Anna, it’s amazing,” Roland couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Next, we will also connect the other two iron plates.” “What is this? A bucket made of iron?” “No , This is a cylinder,” he corrected. “Cylinder?” Anna repeated in confusion. “Yes, it can be used to fill air.” Roland pointed to another square iron plate. “Did you see the small hole on it? Air enters the cylinder from this small hole and pushes the piston-well, the piston is a diameter larger than the cylinder inner diameter. A slightly smaller iron plate, it can move freely in the cylinder.” Even Anna, in front of so many concocting words, was stunned, “Then what are these cylinders, pistons, and so on?” “For Create a machine that can move automatically.” The steam engine brought the driving force needed for the first industrial revolution of mankind, and completely liberated human and animal power. Its schematic diagram is familiar to every mechanical dog. Simply put, it is an enlarged version of a kettle. The boiled steam is introduced into the cylinder, pushing the piston and connecting rod, and converting heat energy into mechanical energy. The principle is very simple, but it does not mean it is easy to manufacture. Its difficulty lies in the airtightness of the cylinder and piston, and the manufacture of the gas pipe. When the metal processing skills are not enough, it is a fantasy to want to forge a qualified cylinder by hand. However, Anna’s ability perfectly made up for the lack of craftsmanship. Roland only needs to design four iron plates of the same size in advance, let the smithy cast and polish them, then use the right-angle plates to fix the shape, and then Anna will weld them to get a square cylinder with extremely high rigidity