Buy the insider.” “But not everyone can be bought,” Hill insisted. “It’s also difficult for those organizations that don’t leak to get in the eye. It’s unlikely that they can sneak into it without a dozen or two decades of effort.” Tassa shook the glass and drank ice wine. “Qualified intelligence personnel are only You can do two things well: distinguish the message and hide yourself. The books I give you are the basis for distinguishing the message. As for the second point, as a member of the acrobatic troupe, you should be more experienced than me. For example, here you are today Dressing up is pretty good.” “As Hillfox lowered his head to ponder the meaning of these words, the clown and others also rushed to this remote house. “My lord, everyone is here.” “If that’s the case, let’s start,” Thassa put down his glass and opened his notepad. “Who will come first?” “Let me talk first, my lord,” the burly man. Yanshan was the first to speak, “A group of newcomers have been living in the camp outside the eastern suburbs of the Royal Capital.” The news made the guards brow slightly. I didn’t expect that the first information I heard was not good news. Since the Knights of the Royal Capital lost more than half of it, this piece of The barracks became the garrison of the militia. All the rats, fugitives, and criminals recruited by Tifeke will be stuffed into Dongying before the expedition. And more than a month ago, a group of more than 1,000 militiamen had just been sent to the West, but now they have new manpower to supplement it? “How many?” “Currently there are only two or three hundred people, most of them seem to be from the north. In addition, there are some blood sailing rats, but compared to the first two times, there are not many rats willing to go. “Closely monitor their movements. Every time more than two hundred people are added to the camp, they must report to me.” Tassa ordered. “Yes, sir.” These people have only one use, and that is to use the pill as a consumable. Now that the Queen of Clear Water is g