d. Is there still a need for traditional knights

h took to build the parts, it was only a week. It does not need feeding, is not afraid of cold and hunger, nor is it afraid of arrows, knives and guns. As long as the front is equipped with a collision angle, it can rampage on the battlefield. Is there still a need for traditional knights? At night, when Roland returned to the bedroom, he saw Nightingale again. She didn’t wear a hood this time, she sat at the table with a smile on her face, fiddled with a few pieces of parchment, “It seems that the rumors outside cannot be believed. They all say that the fourth prince is unlearned and has a bad personality. It’s not much better than a court master. What is drawn on this paper is the design of the iron stove? You call it a steam engine, right?” I’ll go, can I leave some for someone? Come if you want, Just leave if you want, you think this is your home! Roland was slanderous, and still replied casually on the face, “It is the design drawing, but without Anna’s help, it is just a drawing.” “What can it do?” “A lot, transporting ore, draining water, and smelting. Iron, forging, it can work wherever great effort is required.” “Then I will take it,” Nightingale rolled the parchment and put it in his robe, “There are also people in the Common Aid Association who can control the flames. People.” “Hey—” She waved her hand to stop Roland’s protest, “Of course, I didn’t take your things for nothing, you look at this first.” She put a small group of white things on the table. Roland walked over, pinched it with his fingers, and found that it was actually a roll of paper. He spread it lightly, glanced twice, “This is” “The secret letter for pigeon delivery,” Nightingale said in a playful tone, “The recipient is your maid, the maid, Till, tusk, it seems that your harem is not Be safe.” “I haven’t touched her,” Roland frowned. Tyre, this woman seems to have followed herself very early in the memory. The fourth prince was interested in her, but he failed to harass her several times. When I came to Border Town this time, I s