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dy a high-pressure steam engine with double links and sliding valves. Its production is not much more difficult than the most primitive steam engine, the key lies in some innovative ideas. “You’ll know later.” Roland poured a bucket of water into the steam room and asked Anna to light the firewood. Ten minutes later, the water was boiled, and it was tumbling. Soon, there was a crackling noise in the cylinder, and Roland knew that it was the sound of the cylinder being heated and expanding. The iron plate of the piston is thinner, and the expansion deformation is larger than that of the cylinder body, and it will eventually be firmly against the cylinder wall. “Isn’t this boiling water? I didn’t expect it was really a stove,” Carter muttered. When the cylinder was full of steam, a scene that excited Roland appeared. The piston starts to push the connecting rod outward. When it reaches the apex, the other connecting rod pulls the sliding valve, and the steam pushes the piston inward. The two connecting rods brought the wheels to spin quickly, and as the firepower increased, the speed quickly reached its peak. The machine made an ear-piercing roar, and the exhaust vent was whirring white gas, with an unstoppable momentum. “This is what you said about the power hidden in nature?” Anna asked blankly. The chief knight was full of disbelief. The last big iron wheel was installed after a lot of effort, but now it spins like a feather, and standing by the side can even feel the air current aroused by the wheel rushing toward his face—— This can only show that the strength of the iron lump in front of you is amazing. A trace of his heart gradually rose disturbed. His Royal Highness said that it could replace human and animal power. If it were not to lie to himself, when it replaced the horses to pull the chariot, the brute force alone would be difficult for ten knights to resist. It takes fifteen years to train a qualified knight, and it only takes three days to build such an iron furnace. Counting the time the blacksmit