aring structures, it is completely dependent on a fragile balance to maintain the structure intact. And once this balance is broken, it will collapse the Colosseum! Everyone quickly leave! It was Bederick who discovered that something was wrong first, and quickly stood up and shouted. The stone pillars and the walls are beginning to lean one after another like dominoes. Hundreds of pounds of granite fell from its original position one after another, causing the entire ground to tremble. This ancient battlefield, which is said to have a history of thousands of years, is gradually collapsing! I rely on! The lord was stunned, this kind of consequence was never expected. There are so many masters on the scene, of course, not only the human tragedy that is buried alive. After some tumultuous jumps, all of them were finally moved outside safely, except for a little bit of disgrace. Behind him, the Tunguska Colosseum has completely turned into the dust of history. In my opinion, the power of Richard’s arrow is completely beyond doubt, and it can destroy buildings with one shot. John II had a good sense of humor and made a little joke. and also. Gerald stood up without the help of a mount, why you can perform long-distance excitement in the air? This should not be explained by Holy Words. Stupid, do you understand even if you step on your left foot and right foot? The lord of the mountain fort laughed, and he just stepped on his left foot and his right foot in full view, until he reached the height of five or six blades. Then stopped a backflipLand, chic is not like people in the world. A group of strong guys from Gaoshan Fort slapped their hands and applauded vigorously. They all knew what was going on. They looked at the suspicious appearance of a group of pampered Sir Alex Ferguson. They didn’t rush to cover up, fearing that they could not help but laugh. Richard said in his heart that he was dangerous, his feet were a little soft when he landed, and he almost made a fool of himself. The use of magnetic p