sandth to one-hundredth. Enough to make the properties of forging materials have been greatly improved. What kind of improvement? Lord Lord asked impatiently. Hardness and toughness beyond imagination! Richard’s face couldn’t help showing disappointment that was hard to hide. Just the hardness and tenacity is just to make an ordinary weapon more durable, and it is not worthy of the evaluation ten times that of fine gold. Chief Saitos smiled as a mischief, of course, this is only the least worth mentioning aspect. Because the fine structure of Fengmoshan Copper itself is quite special, it has a strange effect on the elements. Therefore, a weapon with powder added will have an extremely rare characteristic-annihilation. Demon? Vera repeated it in a low voice. Yes, this is the true value of Fengmoshan Copper. The iron giant nodded, as long as more than 1% of the windmill mountain copper was added during smelting, the weapon could cut the magic shield more easily. Continuing to increase the mixing ratio, the characteristics of Yamo will be enhanced. Grinding weapons directly from a large piece of ore is really extravagant and magnificent. There is no doubt that the characteristics of the demons have reached their peak. Chief Saitos said enthusiastically, although I haven’t tried it, I guess the average magic shield in front of this sword will not be much tougher than soap bubbles. Isn’t this the nemesis of element users! Richard looked down at the shameless long sword in his hand, and he was overwhelming in his heart. Obviously only a dozen pounds at most, but he felt as heavy as a mountain on his hands. If Saitos’s words are true, it is not surprising that the value of Fengmoshan Bronze will be higher than that of fine gold. Yan Mo, this kind of characteristic has never been heard before, it is too strange and too powerful. Boy, you are really lucky. Chief Saitos sneered, if you are an element user, even ten times more powerful than the Magister. If you run into this sword unsuspectingly, it is very lik