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ast time. Said it again.

“So, do you think Snape inquired about the way through the magical machinery from Professor Quirrell?” Albert asked after listening, “Then you are looking for me to… expose Snape Isn’t it?”

Snape was in the wrong again, which was really 西安夜生活论坛 pleasant.

“Yes, we have no good idea.” Harry said reluctantly.

“Go to Dumbledore, you should have done this long ago. Albert gave his own proposal.

“Quirot is terribly scared and will definitely not come out to testify for us.” Harry shook his head.

“Is the evidence important?” Albert asked rhetorically, “Dumbledore. He has always been a very enlightened principal, and sometimes he doesn’t need to be justified. At least, if you go to the principal, it will definitely make him more vigilant. I mentioned it to you a long time ago. Obviously you have never done this. ”

Harry opened his mouth, do not know what to say.

” Do not hesitate, since you think Snape want to steal the Philosopher’s stone, you should go to Dumbledore. “Albert patted Ha Li said on the shoulder: “Otherwise, it’新西安夜网s useless if you think about it here.”

In fact, Albert also wanted to know, if the famous Harry Potter went to Dumbledore to file a complaint, saying that Snape was the culprit in stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone, what interesting things would happen?

“If nothing happens , I’ll go first.” When Albert turned to leave, he was stopped by Harry.


Harry seemed to be hesitant.

“What else?” Albert asked back. Dao.

Harry bit his lip and told Albert about the last time he went into the Forbidden Forest to look for unicorns. He also told Albert that Snape was stealing the Philosopher’s Stone for Voldemort.

“So, sure enough . Has a unicorn been killed?” Albert sighed slightly.

Harry remembered what Hagrid had said to them. Albert was also an insider, and the unicorn attack 西安夜网论坛 was killed very early. He predicted it.

When discussing this with Ron and Hermione, he even thought that Albert knew the “truth” no less than them.

“Firenze told


Hagrid get the dragon egg?” Lee Jordan looked at Albert the same.

“I remember we talked about it.”

Ai Bert opened the cat cage and released the fat cat Tom out of the cage. This guy didn’t like being kept in the cage.

“You must know how Hagrid’s dragon egg 西安夜生活第一论坛网 came.”

“Of course it was given by Quirrell. This You can’t guess it.”

Albert raised his head and looked at the three roommates, with an expression on his face that you really disappointed me.

“Quiro probably pretended to be a hawker selling dragon eggs, and then When Hagrid went to Hogsmeade to drink, he chatted with Hagrid to get people drunk with wine. Drunk, and the temptation of dragon eggs, as long as Quirrell gave a little guidance, Hagrid would easily tell how to subdue Lu Wei ”

How do I feel that you were there at the time.” Lee Jordan took out a box of Bibi Duo beans from the suitcase, opened the package and poured some multi-flavored beans out for everyone.

“What’s the matter with Professor Quillo? George raised his eyebrows, “He seems to be dead, and your words have come true again.”

Insert a sentence, [\米\米\读\app\\] It’s really good, it’s worth installing, after all, you can cache books and read them offline!

“The dark wizard who broke into Gringotts is Professor Quirrell!” Fred said suddenly, “You said if we sell this news to the goblins, can we get the bounty?”

“I’m afraid not. Quirrell is dead, and there is no evidence. The fairies 西安夜生活网 won’t pay for it.” Albert stretched out his hand and smoothed Tom’s hair, fed him dried fish, and comforted the caged man. Irritability.

“Evidence? The thing in the school is something that Gringotts was almost stolen, right!” Fred fiddling with the scented beans at his fingertips, “It is an indisputable fact that Quirrell tried to steal it, Deng Blido can also testify.” The

fairies will not agree with the so-called evidence, even if they know it is true, they can find a bunch of excuses to keep you from getting a penny.

“Professor Quirrell seems to have died in the dungeon


job, and she would have enough Zhuo Guo to support her dreams, to use her talents, instead of doing nothing at the desk.

His father and even his family could not get it. This honor is not only because they have no talent, but also because they are unwilling to work hard on it.

As the spokesperson of Floo fans in the Americas, it needs to be absolutely confidential, except for heirs or assistants, no one else knows about it.

Catherine still remembers that when she was very young, a major event happened in the magical world. The

U.S. Ministry of Magic once wanted to figure out who was selling Floo fans, and even 西安桑拿网 snatched a house elf from Floobang Company. , Trying to knock something out of its mouth.

As a result, the house elf died.

The wizard

who killed the house elf also disappeared shortly afterwards. Everyone thinks it was a person from the Floating company who killed it. Famous wizards, but they don’t have any evidence, or even can’t find evidence.

Because no one knows who is making and providing Floo fans, and the loyal house elves can’t pry out anything.

By the New York Ghost When the wizards who reported the misleading rushed into the Floo Pang company, they found that there was no one there.

Yes, the Floo Pang company on Wizard Street in New York closed its doors.

At the same time, they stopped providing Floo fans to the United States.

After the Floo fans were out 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of stock, there were no more Floo fans on the market, and the wizards were immediately dumbfounded.

This was a big deal. The

US Ministry of Magic had to import Floo fans from abroad, but the high price made a lot of Wizards can’t bear it.

The good things that the U.S. Ministry of Magic did were scrutinized, and everyone naturally understood what was going on. It turned out that you wanted to spy on others’ wealth.

So everyone was scolding the 西安夜生活论坛 Ministry.

In the end, the U.S. Ministry of Magic bowed its head.

However, it was useless to apologize. The

Floobang company disappeared out of thin air,


see 西安夜网论坛 through Albert’s trick, and the words on the paper seemed to contain his anger, trying to swallow the person outside the diary.

Unfortunately, after separating from Ginny Weasley, Tom The little power drawn from the poor girl gradually disappeared.

[Merry Christmas, Tom!]

Albert replied happily.

He suspected that Tom could not understand the present time, and even shrank back in his diary. There is no concept of time.

[Sure enough,新西安夜网 it’s you!]

Tom Riddle has decided that he must kill Guidro Lockhart if he has a chance.

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t know that the guy in front of him was actually Fake, anger made him ignore a lot of things.

[Don’t be angry, just kidding.]

Albert pondered the possibility of Tom pretending to be angry and deceiving himself, while writing in his diary:

[I think you are sure now It’s boring!]

[What the hell do you want!]

[I’ve said it from the beginning, but I’m just curious about what you are.]

No other words appeared in the diary immediately, and Tom remembered that there seemed to be it before. After a similar conversation, it was not similar, it should be said that it was exactly the same.

Tom had to suppress the anger in his heart, calm himself down, and 西安耍耍网 figure out how to deal with the guy in front of him. The ordinary way may not work. From his identity as a professor of defense against the dark arts From the above, Lockhart is obviously very wary of black magic, and he is very careful when he touches the diary, and he does not even reach out to touch it.

However, Tom has also found Lockhart’s weakness.

Lockhart is indeed very wary, but it is also A arrogant guy, he only admits what he thinks, so no matter 西安夜生活网 what Tom says, he will not believe it, and he will be vigilant, so he must follow his meaning.

Everyone has their weaknesses, as long as you focus on the weaknesses, He will soon be able to control the situation and control this self-righteous guy.

[See you another day, I hope you will tell me when the time comes.]